Our region is truly the Mecca of agritourism in Quebec! There is so much to see, do and experience. Farms, orchards, cheese factories, public markets… Take my word for it, one weekend won’t be enough!

·       Le Sage Brasseur: four blocks from us! They moved to Cowansville during the pandemic (just like us) to open the first brewery in town. We’re so lucky! Their beers are delicious and they also have a pub offering snacks made from local produce. My favorite beer? The “Coco Beach” on their terrace or by our pool.

·       At Dunham’s fruit paradise: fruit picking is such a fun activity! In the ecological orchard of our “paradise” neighbors (13 minutes from us) you can pick a huge variety of fruits: strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, cherries, blackberries, apples, plums, pears, … (and their flowers!!!!).

·       Domaine des Nobles Alpacas: In my opinion, the funniest animal!. Just looking at their faces makes me laugh. They are our neighbors in Sutton (10 min by car or 35 min by bike). They offer guided tours where you will learn all about these friendly animals: from the different species to the characteristics of their luxurious fiber.

·       Fromagerie Missiska: a little farther away, in Bedford (26 min), this cheese factory that makes chesses with the fresh milk from their farm is really a must. You will have a view of the production workshops and a welcoming terrace to taste their delicious products. In any case… we love it! Ah, and the drive there is an attraction in itself.

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“There is so much to see, to taste, and to experience. There is so much life to live here!”