"Horizon pour elle"

More than our beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, vineyards, flora and fauna, ready to be explored, our region is made up of incredible people. The people here are friendly, smiling and generous, their arms wide open to welcome you. We fell in love with this "vibe" and decided that this is where Alegria would be created. Community involvement being at the heart of the values of my small business, we strongly believe in Responsible Tourism which is generally defined as any form of tourist activity that respects natural resources and contributes in a positive and equitable way to the economic development and to the development of the individuals who live in these spaces. True to our dearest principles, Manoir Alegria supports “Horizon pour elle”, an organization that serves women victims of domestic violence with or without children. Located in Cowansville since 1982, “Horizon pour elle” offers support and accommodation services to women of all nationalities who are victims of all types of violence. Services are offered in French and English.

Why "Horizon pour elle"? 

Firstly, because having been a victim and witness of domestic violence during my childhood and adolescence, let's say that I have this problem very much at heart. Second, my studies in psychology and criminology taught me that violence in an intimate context is an extremely complex problem, but for which everyone seems to have a strong opinion and a solution: “Stop it! ", " Go away! ". Ah… if only things were that simple! Since the solution is far from obvious, we need homes like “Horizon pour elle” to offer immediate support when a woman is able or ready to ask for help. We all know that it is in the most difficult moments of our lives, that a big smile, a listening ear, a blanket and a cup of tea made all the difference. And we, we want "Horizon pour elle" to be able to continue its beautiful mission for a long time. How can you help?

How can you help? 

If you appreciated our services,  vineyards, microbreweries, businesses and restaurants in our region, please: Tell us! But if you want to go a little further and demonstrate your participation in Responsible Tourism, at Manoir Alegria you can:

  • buy gift cards that will allow women rebuilding their lives, get essential items (and small wishes for themselves or their children);    
  • drop off new personal hygiene items for women and children. In addition, at Manoir Alegria we love to receive your appreciation in the form of a tip, and any tip received will be sent directly to "Horizon pour elle". Like that your tips will make us even happier! 

You can either leave your contribution in the room upon departure, or deposit it at the entrance in our piggy bank – a colourfull piggy bank called Emerald. I hope this has inspired you to join us. Even a tiny contribution can put a big smile on someone's face.  “When you have more than you need, build a bigger table not a taller fence.”