So, you probably already know that we are bike lovers! It must also be said that it was during a bike trip that we fell in love with this region and now living here feels like a dream come true! Don’t forget that we offer all the support for our cycling guests: laundry services, luggage transportation, safe storage for your bikes, tools for routine repairs, and above all healthy and filling lunches! We also have so many little secrets to share with you, but for now, consider these options:

·       La Doyenne des vignes: is a circuit that starts in Frelighsburg (a super charming little village 15 minutes from us). By biking on this circuit you will discover four vineyards. The complete circuit is 76 km long and presents some challenges for the calves. In the worst case, we can always arrange to give you a little lift if you decide to stop after a good wine tasting. 😉

·       The Heritage Circuit: you can start it at Standbridge East (20 min from us). In this 41.6 km course of intermediate level you will discover ancestral houses and churches, the smallest covered bridge in Quebec and the landscapes… ah, the landscapes!

·       Circuit 100 at B7: if gravel biking is your passion, you will love the circuit where athlete Lyne Bessette trained for several years. The start of these 64km is at the national cycling center in Bromont (20 minutes from us). Once again you will fall in love with the landscapes.

But this is just a small taste. There is so much more to discover by bike in our region! Come chat with us!